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Peach Schnapps  
07:01pm 17/11/2007
Sayin that they need a model to follow
But I still find a liquor bottle to hollow

"Sunrise, Sunset"  The Cunninglyguitst

Touche, touche.

Tonight I set pretty lofty goals and to my credit I've met most  of them.  I've done some reading, wrote some to my girlfriend, told a bitch off who wrote me on adultfriendfinder and I did not spend any money tonight which was big for me because I'm trying to gain better control and discipline with spending.

I did not meet all of my goals and my desire to drink peach schnapps tonight is part of the reason why.  I must say for it to have 15% alcohol peach schnapps is as weak as infant urine.

I'm killing this shit and I'm feeling few adverse effects.  Boonesfarm wine is what 7% alcohol?  Dudes drink that in the hood and get fucked up!

I'm drinking this shit and I'm a bit disappointed.  Oh well.

Now this is not a sex related post and for the most part this WILL be a sex journal.  For the moment I'm just filling out some entries to prove I was real.
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Writer's Block: Current Favorites  
06:07pm 12/11/2007
Tell us your current favorite: book, movie, CD, video game.
Favorite Book:  Watchmen
Movie:   The Godfather
CD: Chamillionaire's Ultimate Victory
Video Game:  The marvel MMORPG that isn't out yet
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New journal  
06:47pm 18/07/2007
cause my old one got axed.  I liked the old livejournal so much better.


So whoever snitched on my last one doesn't get me axed again.
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